Why Us?

SoftDrinks Shipping ContainersA little bit about us

The Soft Drinks Company is a premier player in the wholesale & distribution of Soft Drinks throughout the UK and Ireland.  We offer a sameday delivery service within the Derry and Donegal region.  We both wholesale and distribute throughout Ireland and the UK.

What we do

The Soft Drinks Company provides an array of services including Wholesale and Distribution of Soft Drinks on a Local, National and International basis.  The team behind Soft Drinks Company has facilities, contacts and vast experience in Importing/ Exporting and stocking goods globally.  This means our continuity of supply and dedicated stock levels means you know you’re dealing with the right company firsttime, everytime.

Local customer care

Our local service has an unmatched sameday delivery services ensuring all our local businesses can avail of an unmatched service, by any local wholesaler, to keep their businesses working hassle-free.